Thursday, 8 September 2011

And so it begins

So I managed a few months as a veggie before, it might not sound like much but if you knew me you would know that is epic.  I often have meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, copious amounts of it too.  The problem with this is I love animals and how can you love something and murder it (unless you're on X-Factor murdering a song from your favourite artist).

The other problem is that not only do you end the life of an animal, you may be subjecting it to torture and torment to as shown by Animal Aid's investigation into slaughterhouses in the UK.  The below video is not for the faint of heart but if you intend to continue to eat meat, then you owe it to the animals to sit through this video and ask yourself, are you are happy with how your meat is treated when it's still alive? Listen to the laughter, it sounds like a mad scientist from some bad horror movie.  How can someone get so much joy from this?  Oh, and don't try to tell youself this is an isolated incident, it's not

So, beef is out (and all other meats) and leaf is in.  This should be fun considering I don't like vegetables, salad and can't eat wheat or dairy products due to allergies.


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