Sunday, 19 February 2012

Vegan tattoo

Photo used under Creative Commons from steph1874.

I have always wanted a tattoo and I have always not wanted a tattoo, confused?  Let me explain.

  1. Tattoo's are cool, plain and simple.  They can look amazing.
  2. Tattoo's aren't cool, plain and simple.  They can look awful.

Both of these statements can be true, I really want a cool tattoo that looks amazing but I have never had anything that I am sure will be a part of my life forever, until now.

I went vegetarian on the 4th of September 2011, I went vegan on 7th of October 2011.  I told myself I would get a vegan themed tattoo but as I have a history of not sticking to hobbies, I would leave it a year.  Veganism is not a hobby though, it is a lifestyle, a great one that has improved all aspects of my life.  I am healthier, I have more energy (which I am using to go to the gym, a lot), I am happier and the thing I really love, I feel like I belong to something even though I rarely see other vegans (though I do speak to them a on Google+ and Twitter).  I also find myself getting this contented and happy felling now and then when I remember why I am doing it.

That all being said, I may not make it.  Not that I may not make it as a vegan, I may not make it a year before getting the tattoo.  I might make six months, I have the tattoo planned already, would you like to know what it is.

"The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

I want the above quote in nice black vegan ink.  I looked at a number of options including vegan logos, the word vegan (which I may get as well) but this is the one I really want, I really like quote tattoo's in a nice font and I really like this quote.

So, will I wait the full year?

UPDATE:  Looks like the above quote was not from the real Da Vinci but a novelised one.  So how about this one?
"Oh! how foul a thing, that we should see the tongue of one animal in the guts of another." ― Leonardo da Vinci
Or does anyone have any other suggestions?  As Ray William Johnson says, leave your comments BELOW or on Twitter or Google+.  I don't Facebook.

UPDATE 2:  I'm so conflicted, I love the first quote so much, shame it is not from Da Vinci.  So what wins, the quote I love or the authentic one?  Or something else?

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