Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Do Life 5K and Tibits

My brother got me into running by sharing a video with me, this one (can't embed it, damn you EMI).
The man behind it, Ben Davis, and his family were doing a tour in the UK and we met them for a 5K run in Hyde Park.  I was glad they are all really nice and easy to talk to.  After the run the omnivores and I headed off to a local Weatherspoons for lunch, I saved myself though for a local veg*n restaurant called Tibits.
Left to right: Me, Ben, my brother Ryan, Ben's brother Jed
Tibits is a vegetarian and vegan buffet and one I will be visiting again.  You pay based on weight, there are scales at the checkout, and it can work out a bit on the pricey side but I didn't mind as the restaurant is in a nice area, classy looking and the food tastes great.  Also there is easy labelling to show what is vegan, everything is at least vegetarian.
Potato salad, coleslaw, falafel, carrot strips, a roll and some other thing I cannot remember
My brother Ryan even liked it.


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