Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Redwood Co. Meatless Feast Pizza

I popped into the local Holland & Barrett and when I saw some of Redwood's new vegan pizzas I grabbed a few.

Today I had The Redwood Co. Meatless Feast Pizza, they are small, only 7" so perfect for one (pathetic, I know).

I like how the plastic does not needlessly cover the whole back
This is an easy one, remove the packaging, place it on a tray and cook at 200c or gas mark 6 for 10-12 minutes.  I would recommend 12 as after 10 minutes my pizza was a little under done.  Also get yourself a decent knife or pizza cutter and cut it on a board, my knife would not get through the base (I just picked the whole thing up and ate it like that).

Frozen, don't eat it just yet
Cooked, now you can eat it
What did it taste like?  Very good, despite being unable to cut the base it was easy to eat and a good texture and taste.  The "cheese" in the middle had not melted as much as at the edges but a bit longer in the oven would sort that right out.  The "meat" was good and a very slightly spicy too. 

Would I get it again?  Yes, I am very glad I bought two of the Meatless Feast pizzas but I am having to try very hard not to put another in the over right now.


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