Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bodo the bear

Today I befriended a bear, Bodo.  Bodo is an Asian black bear or moon bear, so named for the moon shaped marking on their chest.

Moon bears are kept in cramped cages and milked for their bile which is used as a traditional medicine, unfortunately to get to the bile they have to stick a large, usually unsterilised needle into the bear.  Many of the bears are missing limbs from the traps used to capture them and they can survive many years of this suffering.

Ricky Gervais supported a black bear named Stan who sadly died earlier this month.
So I went to the website for Animals Asia and and chose Befriend a Bear, I read through until I chose Bodo.

When you Befriend a Bear you get the below:
"By choosing to befriend a bear for yourself, family or friends, you will receive a photograph of your new friend in a uniquely designed "Befriend A Bear" display frame together with a "Befriending Certificate", information on your bear's unique character and a gorgeous, plush Moon Bear toy! This cute toy will be a great talking point, helping you to spread the word about the bears to your friends." - From
A quick form and a PayPal payment and all done.  I look for to getting Bodo's picture through, in the meantime I found this one at which is now the background wallpaper on my phone and tablet.


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