Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Eating Vegan at The Pilgrims Korai, Brentwoood, Essex, UK

I was in the mood for Indian, something I have not had since going vegan.  I went to the local and well loved Pilgrims Korai and said I may need a little help ordering as I am vegan.  The staff member quickly said, "So no meat, dairy or eggs" which was a very good start.  We went through the menu and picked out some things I wanted that were vegan, I went a bit nuts on the quantity so I am having Indian tomorrow too, not really a bad thing.

I went for vegetable dansak, coconut rice, bombay potatoes, paratha, popadoms and vegetable samosa.  They switched the mint sauce for mango chutney as the mint sauce is made with yogurt and I was going to order onion bhaji but they said they have egg in them.

For service, 5/5 and taste, the same again.  Dansak is definitely a new favourite of mine.

Dansak, bombay potatoes and coconut rice

Dansak, bombay potatoes and coconut rice

Vegetable samosa



Tootsie and her popadom crumbs


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