Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Vegan Quesadillas

I had an urge to try vegan quesadillas after seeing them on The Vegan Zombie (yes I like their videos).  I did not use tofu, I have had only limited success with it and I did not have any tofu anyway.

I went for a much simpler quesadilla, I fried the chopped red onion in some olive oil and then put some tomato purée on a tortilla, I put on the onions, vegan mozzarella and then another tortilla.  I then put the quesadilla in a non stick frying pan with no oil on a low heat, watch out they will burn easily.  I used a spatula to lift up the edges and keep an eye on the tortilla to make sure it was not burning, I also pressed down firmly now and then to make sure the two tortillas were sicking together thanks to the mozzarella.

They quesadillas were delicious and easy to make, I served them with some salsa.  These will definitely become a regular for me.  I would have had some guacamole but the avocados were not ripe enough, I know, rookie mistake.

Cooking the onions 
Vegan Mozzarella
Almost ready to cook, just needs another tortilla
Ready to cook 
Keep checking the bottom tortilla
Almost burnt it
Gotta love a large knife
Cut up and ready to eat with salsa


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