Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Care Package

I just received an order from the Animal Aid Shop, it replaces some my my last toiletries with cruelty free ones (except hair wax/putty, anyone know any good cruelty free alternatives?).  I also got a vegan easter egg and some vegan chocolate bars, one is apparently like a Mars and the other a Milky Way, I will let you know.

I like the way they put a campaign leaflet and postcard at the top of the parcel, reminds us it's not just about the choices we make when buying things, but we have to speak up too.

Update 29/02/2012:  Well it it did not take long for me to try one of the chocolate bars.  After some uming and arghing I went for the Buccaneer bar, well I had just argh'd (sorry, bad joke).

It has been years since I have had a Milky Way so I will have to try and share the next one with someone who has had them more recently, however I thought it tasted exactly like a Milky Way, delicious.


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